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Our process uses replicated physiologic insulin.

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We’ve devised a revolutionary new approach that goes far beyond diet, exercise, and medicine.


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Gordon & Bailey are both patients at Diabetes Relief and have an incredible story to share. 

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Who we are

Founded in 2016, Vijuvia Life Centers™ is a leader in offering advanced medicines and technologies that elevates the quality of life of our patients by developing custom care life plans and supporting them through their individual care plan. We offer an FDA-cleared technology that targets the root cause of metabolic failure, including diabetes. Our medical staff is caring and will spend time with you to create a custom care plan based on your diabetic symptoms, needs, metabolism, and medical history.
We believe that the “active lifestyle” is worth pursuing and that life should be lived in excellence!

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What our clients say

Josh G.

Type 1 Diabetic- 26 Years

Diabetes Relief for me is turning back the clock.
They’ve done something no hospital or doctor
has been able to do.

Brandi M.

Type 1 Diabetic- 6 Years

Before treatment my feet and hands had
severe pain and my blood sugar was like a roller
coaster. After treatment, the pain is gone in my
hands and feet and my blood sugars have
leveled out at a healthy number.

Dejuan D.

Type 2 Diabetic- 1 Year

When I first started my treatment, I was
dealing with low energy… a couple of open
sores under my feet.. my vision was clearly
affected. After 3 treatments, I began to feel the
difference. Now things have totally changed. I
have more energy and I’m seeing almost 20/20
without glasses.

Physiologic-based approach

Increasing cellular energy allows damaged tissues to grow, repair and regenerate. Leaving you with a better path to wellness!