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Josh G.

Type 1 Diabetic- 26 Years

Diabetes Relief for me is turning back the clock.
They’ve done something no hospital or doctor
has been able to do.

Brandi M.

Type 1 Diabetic- 6 Years

Before treatment my feet and hands had
severe pain and my blood sugar was like a roller
coaster. After treatment, the pain is gone in my
hands and feet and my blood sugars have
leveled out at a healthy number.

Dejuan D.

Type 2 Diabetic- 1 Year

When I first started my treatment, I was
dealing with low energy… a couple of open
sores under my feet.. my vision was clearly
affected. After 3 treatments, I began to feel the
difference. Now things have totally changed. I
have more energy and I’m seeing almost 20/20
without glasses.